Monday, November 16, 2015

Star Wars: The New Object

Some of you may know that Wolf joined the Star Wars 501st Legion (Darth Vader's Legion . . . Bad guys doing Good) about two years ago as a Biker Scout. Bear joined September of this year as a Royal Guard. 

We have done several events together since then. It is always fun to bring a smile to the face of the young and old alike.

We brought joy to our 4 boys this month by finishing some Star Wars costumes for them as well. We made them Jawas, and took them to the Little Sahara Sand Dunes to see what we could see. We took a camera and a GoPro. (It was chilly out there, but we had a lot of fun.)

This is what we came home with . . .

We hope you enjoy watching our video as much as we enjoyed making it! Go ahead and like and share . . . we would love for you to leave a comment for us on Youtube as well! 

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

And Another Year Flys by...

I was looking through photos from the last year today.  WOW!!!  Another year is about to end, my last blog post was over a year ago.  My baby Connor is walking and is getting so big. Cody is getting huge, he is sweet and helpful.  Skyler is riding a two wheeler, and in Kindergarten.  Stephen is a happy helpful second grader, and had his appendix out last week.  A lot has happened this year.  My head is spinning wondering how it possibly could have gone  Stephen (Wolf) got certified in scuba, became a Basic EMT, and was certified in Wild Land Fire.  (He hopes to be able to go to work on a fire this summer.)  He will be applying to Paramedics school soon too. 
Soon I will be starting back to school again!  YIKES, I am nervous.
I will have to update you all with a bunch of pictures...  If  I can just finish sewing Christmas stuff.   My pile is at least a mile high! (Long story, quite simply some of it will have to be sewn after Christmas and before school starts again).
Yes you heard that right!  I have promised a Year long update of pictures!  ;)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

New Arrival

Ok, so we have a new arrival in our house.  He arrived November 5th, was 21 inches long and 9 pounds 1 oz.  Those prayers for big and healthy really helped!  Thank you!  He is such a cutie, but you can judge that for yourself.  Here are a few pictures.
Introducing ... Connor Andrew Groo
 Connor arrives home.
Connor meets his brothers.  Yes, they all were sick the week our Connor arrived.  (Although they were all feeling better by the time Connor came home, we had them wear masks around him for a couple of days anyway...just in case.)
Connor meets Grandma Zaugg.
Connor hates bath time... ok, that is an understatement.  Hopefully we can change his mind.
Oh, but he loves having his hair washed....that one is an understatement too.
Our first family picture.  Skyler needed a picture taken for school, and since the boys were already in pj's, we all went for pj's.
♥  Welcome to our crazy family Connor!  ♥

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Oh YEAH!!!  We made it to November baby!  I have now passed up how early Stephen was (13 days), and it feels great!  Sure, I am exhausted and moody... I am sure that my family is about to kick me out of the house.  But it is November!  Hooray!
Alrighty... the truth is, back when I had a bit of energy, and my activity less restricted, I cleaned my house.  Now it is a disaster again.  Can a bathtub you cleaned a couple of days ago really suddenly look like you haven't scrubbed it for months?  My bathrooms are all taking a toll, I must credit Mr. almost potty trained for this.  My laundry has crept up to sky high, even though I am doing a million loads a week.  Dishes, well, lets not go there.  Anyway, I used to be ready for this little guys arrival at any moment.  (We expected him a week to 2 weeks earlier than Cody.)  Now I could really use another month to re-clean my house.  But the truth is all I want to do is go have a nap... house cleaning will just have to wait...AGAIN.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

37 weeks!!!!

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would see 37 weeks!  Well, here I am!!!  I am so excited, but I must remain calm.  No Toyota jumps are in my plans, although it is tempting.  I really would like to make it to November!  We are having a small Halloween party at my house tonight.  Stephen and the kids dressing up as, well you will have to see, and me...well, dressing up as a Tae Kwon Do yellow belt.  (If the outfit fits...wear it)  I didn't plan me a costume since I didn't believe I would make it this far, and thought more about resting as per Dr.'s orders and getting ready for baby than Halloween or a party.
Tonight's dinner is going to be Chocolate Chip Pumpkin pancakes!  (I feel confident in planning at least that far ahead.) 
Onward and Upward!!! May I just say... TO NOVEMBER OR BUST!!!  ;)

Friday, October 14, 2011

36 Weeks!

Hooray, I am 36 weeks today, and no baby... he is happy as a clam inside I guess.  He is just wiggling in anticipation of meeting all of us, and wanting to get out and play with his brothers.  Wow he is really wiggly!  (I am in no hurry for him to get here.)  Come on baby!!!  You can be full term in just 1 more week.  :)

We still haven't agreed on a name for this little monkey.  I suppose that is why he is waiting... Any ideas?  There are so many I like, and Stephen doesn't, and one Stephen likes that I don't...the baby name dilemma kicks into high gear this week.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Oct 9th

Let's just say... No baby yet and a great big HOORAY!!!
Yes, this is the day... if the baby was going to be earlier than Cody he lost his chance.
(He could still go for a tie, but I hope not...because that is only hours away...)
Today is 1 month and 2 days before my due date, the same amount of time
that our dear Cody decided he wanted to make his appearance.
Dear Baby, (Who still has not gotten a name picked yet, besides "Baby Boo")
We sure hope that you are going to beat out Skyler at 3 weeks early,
(that would be Oct. 21)
and Stephen at 2 weeks early
(That would be Oct. 30)
We are aiming for November... yes, NOVEMBER, as in the month I am due, would be very appreciated.
Thank you,
♥ MOMMY  ♥
Next NST is Tuesday Morning... once a week appointments with the Dr. have begun... House is a but Baby clothes are washed and put away.
Oh yes, I think it is nap time.  ☺  Thank you for all your prayers!  ♥